Restaurant and Retail Store Inspections

A Guide to reading Standard Inspections:

Inspections are broken into 3 areas.

  • The top part of each standard inspection report is a listing of the license information, including the owner, license type, etc….
  • The middle section is a group of check boxes. Each “x” indicates a violation(s) to a specific section of the rules.
  • Violations/Comments:  This is the largest section of the inspection.

There are 2 types of violations

  • Critical Violation:  These violations have the highest importance, due to their likelihood of making someone ill.
  • Non-critical Violation:  These violations are still important but the likelihood of making someone ill is lower.

Each violation is laid out in 2 to 4 parts:

  • Part 1 (optional): If the top line says "CRITICAL VIOLATION", if it is one of the more important items.
  • Part 2 (required): The entire rule, including the number, is printed on the page.
  • Part 3 (required): The inspector's description of the violation(s) is just above the dotted line.  
    • If the violation was corrected while the inspector was onsite, this will be marked in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Part 4 (required): A dotted line separates each section of the rules from each other.


To view inspection information for the below restaurants and retail stores, click the links below to expand them.